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Customer Evidence: The Ultimate Guide to Winning Over the B2B Buyer in 2023 and Beyond

44% of millennials (a majority of the workforce today) are driving the modernization of the sales process from seller-focused to seller-free. The truth is, today's B2B buyers want to research products and solutions on their own time with their own tools.

It's essential for both sales and marketing teams to enable B2B buyers to do their own research supported by relevant resources and collateral that:

  • Fosters trust between buyers and your company
  • Showcases the value of your solution early in the buying process
  • Establishes your brand as credible and authoritative

How? Customer evidence.

In this guide, we're diving into customer evidence and serving up tips for acquiring, reviewing, and sharing customer evidence to engage buyers and convert them into delighted customers.

Get your copy of guide to discover:

  • The top 5 benefits of customer evidence
  • How to collect, review, and share customer evidence
  • How to map customer evidence to buyer's journey stages