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Product-Led Growth: Power Your PLG Strategy with Customer Content

For a product-led growth strategy to work, your product has to… well… sell itself.
It has to solve an obvious problem experienced by many ✅
It has to be easy to acquire and use ✅
It has to be fairly priced ✅

It has to be proven to work for and recommended by like-minded users. 🗣️

How do you get the peers of your target buyers to use your product? Offering freemiums and free trials is a great starting point. But today’s consumers want hard-hitting social proof that a product is effective and worthwhile before trying.

95% of people say that customer reviews influence their purchasing decisions.

That's why we created this eBook, diving into:

  • The "why" behind how today's millennial buyers engage online
  • How to quickly and easily obtain juicy customer stories
  • Where to put customer content to drive conversions